What is our signaling service?

Our signaling service broadcasts our daily trade opportunities directly to your mobile/ desktop. It will include the currency pair/ commodity and includes recommended prices, including stop losses and take-profits. 


Your signals will be sent to your email via the app Telegram.



**Telegram is free to download on the app store.


Why would I choose this service?

You should choose this service if you have more experience in trading and want to supplement your own strategy with some the Trades of Glory picks. The signaling service will allow you to pick and choose which scenarios to enter and give you full control of your lot sizes. Remember, however, that you will have to initiate and close each and every trade yourself so it requires much greater engagement!


Should I choose the copying service or the signaling service?

One drawback to the signaling service is that you have to manage your own risk, including choosing appropriate lot sizes. Another drawback to the signals is that you will have to act promptly to get the optimal entry to the trade. It is therefore only recommended that you choose the signaling service if you are confident in your own risk management and have enough time on your hands.

If you are an experienced trader but want to increase your profitability then this is an excellent option. If you are less experienced we would highly recommend the copying service as a comprehensive and reliable way to make a profit on your investment.

How do I sign up?

Complete the subscription process below and you will receive signals within a few minutes. 

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